Nasdaq Stockholm Fines Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Note ...

Bitcoin XBT most traded ETN on Nasdaq Stockholm!

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Following Bitcoin, Ether-Tracking Notes Now Listed On Nasdaq Stockholm

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Following Bitcoin, Ether-Tracking Notes Now Listed On Nasdaq Stockholm

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Following Bitcoin, Ether-Tracking Notes Now Listed On Nasdaq Stockholm – Forbes

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Ether Follows Bitcoin onto Nasdaq Stockholm

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Ether Follows Bitcoin onto Nasdaq Stockholm

In the world of traditional investments cryptocurrencies are mounting a charge, as now Ether’s movement can be followed on Nasdaq Stockholm; this follows on from Bitcoin also finding a home there.
The second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap was available on the Nasdaq via the trading of two new exchange-traded notes, or "ETNs."
First for Ether The dual offerings, one denominated in Swedish kronas and the other in euros, are a first of their kind for Ether, which previously had no exchange-traded options.
This recent addition also makes Nasdaq Stockholm the only European exchange to offer more than one cryptocurrency, after almost two years of Bitcoin ETNs.
Both the Bitcoin and the Ether ETNs represent a new suite of investment opportunity, as some of these traditional investment platforms look to move with the time and take a stake in the $154 bln cryptocurrency market.
Pioneering with a familiar partner The move towards cryptocurrencies by such traditional asset and finance investors seems to indicate that they firstly want to be a part of the booming market, but also that they are trying to make them accessible to those less clued in on digital currencies.
Global Advisors debuted CoinShares early in October, billing it as a sort of crypto-specific iShares, the family of exchange-traded funds managed by BlackRock. The group behind Global Advisors and CoinShares has Wall Street roots and "crypto-finance" aspirations; Co-Principal Daniel Masters dealt in commodities at Salomon Brothers before heading global energy commodities trading at J.P. Morgan for the better part of the 1990s.
Masters sees this emergence into the mainstream as the ‘next logical step’.
“We are bringing these pioneering products under one brand so that investors can grow with a familiar partner,” Masters says. “It’s the next logical step in professionalizing crypto-finance -- as more assets mature in the space, more investors will demand exposure, and we will continue our focus on providing professional grade access.”
Ethereum’s power Ethereum, and its token Ether, continue to be the second-biggest in terms of market capitalisation, its real value lies in its Blockchain and smart contracts, which many major corporations have latched onto.
From Microsoft to Renault, companies are seeing the value in the technology and its application. This addition onto a trading platform of Ether now gives people the opportunity to invest in a technology that is being taken up more and more.
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Ether Follows Bitcoin onto Nasdaq Stockholm

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Bitcoin trading launches on Nasdaq Stockholm exchange

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You can Bitcoin ETF on Nasdaq (Stockholm) now /r/Bitcoin

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First Regulated Bitcoin-Based Security Has Started Trading Worldwide on NASDAQ Stockholm

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XBT Provider Launches World's First Bitcoin Exchange Traded Note on Nasdaq Stockholm

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Le bitcoin fait son entrée au NASDAQ de Stockholm

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XBT Provider Announces Bitcoin Tracker One, the First Bitcoin-based Security Traded on Nasdaq Stockholm

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Bitcoin Tracker One ETN Available for Trading on Nasdaq Stockholm

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Bitcoin Tracker One ETN Available for Trading on Nasdaq Stockholm

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World's First Bitcoin Exchange Traded Note on Nasdaq Stockholm

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Crypto investment firm Arcane Crypto plans IPO through the takeover

Crypto investment firm Arcane Crypto plans IPO through the takeover
Arcane Crypto plans to go public through a reverse takeover of listed company Vertical Ventures. To fund this, the Swedish company plans to launch billions of new shares.

IPO planned through a takeover

The Norwegian crypto investment company Arcane Crypto plans its IPO through a so-called "reverse takeover" of the Swedish company Vertical Ventures, as the company announced in a press release.
Vertical Ventures wants to take over Arcane for a company value of almost 300 million Swedish kronor, which corresponds to about 28.5 million euros. Vertical Ventures is already trading on the alternative NASDAQ First North, where Arcane is also planning to go public.
Despite the takeover by Vertical Ventures, Arcane is to become a majority owner with a 92.5 percent stake and will also officially act under his name.
The big difference in the company's shares is due to the inconsistent values ​​of both companies.
Vertical Ventures recorded an asset of around 2.18 million crowns in its 2019 balance sheet, which corresponds to around 200,000 euros.

Share issue as a source of finance

The reverse acquisition allows Arcane to bypass the complex process of an IPO. Vertical Ventures intends to fund more than 6.6 billion new shares, each of which can be purchased for less than half a cent.
In November 2019, Arcane appointed Eric Wall, who previously headed the cryptocurrencies and blockchain division at Swedish financial services provider Cinnober, now part of NASDAQ, as the new CIO.
Arcanes CEO Torbjorn Bull Jenssen explained the takeover by saying that if the company goes public successfully, the company will be able to address a broader investor base and expand its growth and range.
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Final approval is still pending

Before the takeover is dry, the shareholders must first confirm it, as reported by CoinDesk. NASDAQ North must also approve the new corporate structure before the company can be listed again.
The acquisition is expected to be completed in the second half of 2020, Arcane said. Arcane develops and invests in projects that mediate between cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
The company is currently headquartered in Stockholm, London, and Oslo and deals with payment technology for cryptocurrencies, liquidity provision for crypto electronic and digital assets, and private and institutional crypto-fiat exchange. The company also operates a research department, the news portal cryptographers, and a hedge fund.
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Blockchain Technology in Stock Exchange

Blockchain Technology in Stock Exchange
Will blockchain technology be the most significant disruption of the last three centuries in the stock market industry? Well, Norbert Biedrzycki -Head of Services CEE at Microsoft says so, and so does blockchain council. Blockchain technology has been able to significantly change the dynamics of money, supply chain management, finance, record keeping, and more. Along with supporting crypto-currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, it can revolutionize both the storage and transmission of financial data around the globe and stock trading marketplaces.
While Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have unveiled the use of blockchain in its core trading infrastructure, India's Securities Exchange Board, among others, is researching its feasibility in fundraising, post-trade settlement, and asset management.
Learning of the blog

  • What is blockchain technology?
  • How is it useful to the stock market?
  • Advantages that it brings
  • Early accessors
  • Future Scope
What Is Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain is a database innovation that provides a shared public register where all parties can track and encrypt transactions. This register consists of nodes, and each node is a computer that follows the protocol. Blocks are public, but its contents can be protected by cryptography. A new block is added every time a token transaction is confirmed. There are private blockchains in which access is by permission only, and in-house nodes verify the transactions. On the other hand, public blockchains, as you must have guessed, are open access. Another type is permissioned public blockchains that retain the volunteer verification but has restricted access.
If you want to know more about blockchain, you can check out this blockchain course!
How Is It Useful To The Stock Market?
The stock market is a mammoth creature with very high inertia. Blockchain technology can prove fruitful in clearing and settlement alongside securing automation of the post-trade process. It can speed by the settlement of trades and subtly go about stock exchanges with the help of automation and decentralization.
According to a Blockchain in Capital market's report, "IT and operations expenditure in capital markets is currently close to $100-150 billion per year among banks". Blockchain can reduce extra commission costs by eliminating the third party regulator as the blockchain network does the needful. Thus, it can answer trust, interoperability, and transparency issues.
Advantages that it brings
The advantages that blockchain technology brings along are:

  1. Decentralization: As the system is distributive, money is not present at one node.
  2. Transparency: As technology is in public eyes, it brings in trust.
  3. Cost Reduction: Since there are no intermediaries, the cost gets reduced.
  4. Security: Blockchain can act as an automatic surveillance system, and the valuation of securities deposited can be done daily.
  5. Less time: The transactions are quick, as there is no duplication of the process.
  6. High Liquidity: Blockchain reduces ineffectiveness with the help of automation, ultimately bringing in more investment.
Early accessors
The New- York-based firm Nasdaq which operates at the junction of finance and technology, was one of the first to adopt bitcoin technology, thus advocating the demand of blockchain professionals. It now enables investors to harness blockchain's power by securely navigating financial markets at an international level. To register all transactions in real-time, Nasdaq Stockholm and the Swedish bank SEB started testing blockchain.
The London Stock Exchange Group, in collaboration with IBM, is testing a blockchain platform to fully digitize trades in the shares of medium and small-sized enterprises. Apart from this, the NYSE and Deutsche Borse would be evaluating the feasibility and advantages of the technology soon.
Future Scope
Due to less testing, there are some scalability issues with blockchain, so to disrupt the operations of the stock market, it can take up to ten years, but it does have the potential to transform companies and the society. It is a great investment opportunity because of its ability to tackle data fragmentation, insider trading, data loss, reconciliation, and ticket matching problems.
Thus. Blockchain technology can bring about the widespread upset in automated market surveillance and post-trade event processing.
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Bank in Latvia that exchanges bitcoins and other crypto currencies?

Hello, guys, I have information that there is a bank in Latvia that is doing an exchange from BTC to EUR and its possible for other people from countries that are not in Europian Union to make an account there. So any information about that would be appreciated?

Thank you
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Ethereum ETN's attract $10 million in the first week on Nasdaq

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How to move TFSA from RBC direct investing to TFSA Scotiabank iTrade?

Hey everyone,
I want to switch my TFSA from RBC to Scotiabank. I just opened up my account with RBC, but I am running into issues buying what I want to buy. Long story short, I want to get exposer to cryptocurrency.

I tried buying GBTC, but quickly found out they do not allow it to be held inside of a TFSA. Then I was looking into 3iQ's bitcoin trust, but RBC stated that they will not purchase this for me. I am at my last resort and wanting to buy COINXBT & COINETH on the Stockholm NASDAQ, but again RBC doesn't allow that.

I was on the phone with Scotiabank and they were telling me they can do this trade for me, but there will be a $250 commission on the trade. I am okay with that and would like to know the steps I have to go through with transferring my TFSA from one institution to another.

What is the best way for me to transfer?

What are the fees associated with transferring?

How long will this process take?
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Why I Am Holding Litecoin (LTC)

I would like to share why I am holding Litecoin (LTC) and why I classify it as a triple AAA asset. (Triple AAA is the highest rating an asset can receive.) There are only 3 assets that are currently classified in my book as triple AAA assets. (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum) Remember this is my personal opinion and you should always do your own research and come up with your own assessment before investing.
Created by Charles Lee in October of 2011, Litecoin is a scrypt-based digital currency. Now I could ramble on about Litecoin stats and the pros/cons compared to Bitcoin but that won't get us anywhere. Just because we have another crypto-currency doesn't necessarily mean it's competitive to Bitcoin or any other asset for the matter. I believe Litecoin has already achieved a status quo that would likely give it a 'permanent' place in crypto. With that said, I would expect Litecoin to continue to grow for decades and perhaps even centuries.
When you look at the typical asset in the market it generally consists of startups, experiments and hobbies. Even larger organizations like Ethereum, Ripple and NEO are likely to plateau when the market cap reaches the hundreds of billions or even near a trillion dollars. But what about assets like Bitcoin and Litecoin? If an organization or company can reach hundreds of billions or even a trillion in market cap, where would that put a currency/commodity? And what if that commodity is supported by the worlds largest financial institutions?
You have probably heard the saying 'Litecoin is the Silver to Bitcoin' and 'Bitcoin is digital gold' which honestly is probably not all that far from the truth. It has been said that in order for Bitcoin to achieve the same market cap as Gold, it would have to achieve a market cap of over $7 trillion.. Will that be the case? Nobody knows.. But if Litecoin is the Silver to Bitcoin, then how high could the market cap of Litecoin actually get?
When your talking about a currency/commodity with limited supply, especially ones like Bitcoin and Litecoin, there really is no 'known' limit to how high it can grow. (This is unprecedented territory.) With massive financial firms like Goldman Sachs and Fidelity looking to treat crypto as investment vehicles, the future seems very bright for AAA assets.
In partnership with Coinbase, Fidelity implemented on its website the option to display holdings in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. - CNBC Aug 9th
Goldman Sachs is reportedly investigating into the plan of launching a cryptocurrency trading platform to provide sufficient liquidity towards institutional and retail traders. “In response to client interest in digital currencies, we are exploring how best to serve them in the space,” - Goldman Sachs Oct 1st, 2017
Now let's not get ahead of ourselves.. Nobody can say for certain that 'Litecoin' will make investors wealthy... However we can take the best calculated risks to ensure we are reliably correct. Looking at the overall picture, without a doubt I feel Litecoin is clearly around for the long-term. And when I say long-term I don't mean a few years, I mean there's a good chance Litecoin will be around for decades. How many asset's out there can you say with confidence will be around for decades? There aren't many...
“Some of you might be wondering: Why am I here today? I’m here because I love this stuff... all that the future might hold.” - Abigail Johnson, CEO Fidelity
So the biggest question I suppose would be, 'What makes Litecoin so special compared to the other cryptocurrencies?' Well to answer that question let's list some highlights.
Looking at Litecoins market cap it is sitting at around $5.5 billion USD. Now i'll just speculate a little bit here.. But I believe the majority of Litecoins market cap comes from massive financial institutions and not just the typical investor. These unknown entities whom have invested billions into Litecoin, are likely the same people planning to bring Litecoin to mainstream investors. Keep in mind we are extremely early in the crypto and everyone is getting in position, even mainstream itself. In addition, I believe the average investor has overlooked Litecoin and the focus has been more or less on Bitcoin/Altcoins.
Understanding the risks
Of course with any investment there are always risks. In the event Litecoin doesn't make it into the mainstream investment channels, then I think it would become a collectors coin long-term rather than a currency/commodity. Aside from BTC, If you are invested in any other digital currencies (not companies) then this is a risk worth noting. (I may cover this topic in a future post.)
This was a difficult post to write because there was a lot to say and not a lot of ways to say it. I am sure there will be a handful of people who will disagree with this post, but as always.. this is just my opinion. The bottom line is, bitcoin might be popular and grabbing a lot of attention, but bitcoin is not the only currency/commodity that is going to make major investors, firms and brokers wealthy.
Additional References:
One of Fidelity’s projects is mining bitcoin and ethereum, which Johnson said was started for educational purposes, but now turns a tidy profit. “We set up a small bitcoin and ethereum mining operation…that miraculously now is actually making a lot of money,”. - Abigail Johnson, CEO Fidelity
Along with JPMorgan, more than a dozen banks, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Credit Suisse Group AG, have acted as brokers for buying and selling Bitcoin XBT on Nasdaq’s Stockholm-based exchange, according to Swedish online bank Nordnet AB. - Bitcoin XBT
AAA Assets:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP) is close to becoming a AAA asset.
  • AAA (Excellent past growth that is likely to continue in the future.)
  • AA (Very good past growth that is likely to continue in the future.)
  • A (Good growth but has yet to show impressive results.)
  • B (Not yet shown impressive results but is expected to later)
  • C (High Risk, Long-Shots, 2-5% of your portfolio.)
  • D (Very High Risk, 3rd World)
  • F (Don't Invest)
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Nasdaq Stockholm welcomes Ascelia Pharma! Nasdaq Stockholm welcomes Alligator Bioscience! NASDAQ OMX Welcomes ScandiDos to First North! Stockholm Stock Exchange Så använder Nasdaq Blockchain

Stock Exchange Nasdaq Stockholm has imposed a fine of more than $120,000 to XBT Provider AB. Nasdaq Stockholm Fines Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Note Provider Bitcoin Tracker One ETN, is now quoted in U.S. dollars under the ticker CXBTF, helping brokerages offer it to all American investors without the hustle of going to NASDAQ Stockholm and buying in Euros or Swedish Krona.. If you can’t wait for the Bitcoin ETF to be approved and want to take opportunity of the current low BTC price there is an option that just became available thanks to an ... Sie werden von XBT Provider an der Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange gehandelt. Neben dem Bitcoin ermöglicht XBT seit Oktober 2017 auch Investments in Ether. Die ETNs können sowohl in Euro als auch in Schwedischen Kronen gekauft werden. Jährlich fällt eine Verwaltungsgebühr von 2,5 % an. Bitcoin Investment Trust: Er wurde 2013 von Grayscale ... Eine der beliebtesten Bitcoin- basierten ETN auf dem schwedischen Markt ist XBT Provider, welcher auf der NASDAQ Stockholm notiert und von der schwedischen FSA genehmigt ist. Jede Aktie oder ETN ... Nasdaq. 0,24 % 11.693,0 Gold-0,40 % 1.916,8 Dollar-0,26 % 1,183 Öl. 1,70 % ... Bitcoin und Co.: Die Kryptos sind zurück - mit diesem Zertifikat auf den Aufwärtstrend setzen. ZERTIFIKATE-CHECK ...

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Nasdaq Stockholm welcomes Ascelia Pharma!

På Nasdaq är blockkedjor inte bara en framtidsteknik utan något man har jobbat aktivt med i flera år. Bland annat har man lösningar för att hantera röstninga... The Stockholm Stock Exchange, operating under the brand name Nasdaq Stockholm, is a stock exchange located in Frihamnen, Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1863, it has become the primary securities ... LIsting ceremony on the first day of trading for Ascelia Pharma. Banking on Bitcoin YouTube Movies. 2017 · Documentary; 1:23:41. Resurs Holding listing ceremony at Nasdaq Stockholm - Duration: 1:14. Nasdaq 334 views. 1:14. #TradeTalks: Biodesix's #COVID19 ... Nasdaq Stockholm welcomes IRRAS to Nasdaq First North Premier - Duration: 1:22. Nasdaq 984 views. 1:22. ... Bitcoin Crash, Anti-Bearish Coalition, Investments News Microsoft US 4,954 watching ...